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     History of Comenius    


The first preperations for Comenius started more than 3 years ago. The school no. 10 from Jastrzębie Zdrój invited us for the sum up of their project where Mr Christian Carlstetter was a coordinator from the Landsberg’s school. We rechanged our emails and from this time we started our cooperation. Our first project made with Slovakia and Ireland was rejected but still we were in touch. Our next step was meeting on the skype in September – October 2008. Chris Carlstetter told that is going to Lituania to find more partners for our future work. After that meeting our present partners form Germany, Czech Republic, Italy, Austria, Lituania, Portugal and Poland started working on the project. Final version was printed in February 2009 r. and from that time till July there was no signal about the project. At the end of July I received emails that every partner got information from National Agency that the project was accepted.

Today we are organizing the first mobility in Austria (15 – 20 October 2009 r.) where two techers and two children will go there.  





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